Books To Teach Children Emotions And Feelings

Children experience a wide range of emotions and feelings, similar to adults but have not yet developed the skills to recognise and manage them. They are little bodies with big feelings and often can feel overwhelmed by what they are experiencing. Developing emotional intelligence takes time and plenty of conscious effort. Helping children recognise, accept and manage their emotions can help them a strong emotional foundation and the right coping mechanisms. Books are a great way to communicate and teach children important life skills and information. Today, we’re looking at the best books to teach children emotions and feelings. 

Llama Llama Mad at Mama

Imagine this; You’re rushing through your grocery shopping with your kid in tow, and your kid gets bored and throws a fit. We’ve all been there. How do you handle the situation? What do you tell your kid? Our kids often reflect our emotions, so keeping our cool in the midst of turmoil is important. This book can also teach children how being with a loved one is more important even when the task isn’t as enjoyable. 

All About Feelings by Felicity Brooks

Consider this as an introductory encyclopedia to feelings. This book lets children explore a wide range of emotions while helping them recognise, understand, label and manage an emotion they’re experiencing. 

The Way I Feel By Janan Cain

All feelings are acceptable, none good or bad. Helping your child positively identify and express their feelings without having to feel bad about experiencing them is important. This book teaches children to label their feelings just like they label other objects around them. The rhyme scheme keeps children engaged and the expressive images, help them put emotions and the name together. 

How Are You Feeling Today by Molly Potter

What do children do once they know what they are feeling? It may not always be that easy to know what to do with a feeling. This book is an excellent guide, filled with fun and creative ways to help children deal with their feelings. Parents also can benefit from little notes at the end of the book, that provides them with ideas and strategies to use, to help their children deal with different emotions. 

Today I Feel by Madalena Moniz

This book takes a different approach to teach kids their ABCs by talking about emotions for each letter. This book has a gentle approach to discussing emotions with children and encourages them to think about their own feelings. It also includes a few tips for identifying and managing more complex emotions.

When Sadness Is At Your Door by Eva Eland

We all struggle with normalising some emotions, often considering them negative or unpleasant, like sadness. What if we were to not avoid the emotion, but instead greet it like a visitor and interact with it? Sadness can be difficult to deal with, especially for younger kids, who might find it scary. Filled with simple illustrations, this book also subtly puts forth, how to deal with sadness and what to do with it. A brilliant approach to making sadness a little less confusing and a whole lot more manageable.

 The Boy With Big, Big Feeling by Lee Britney Winn

The title speaks for all children who are little bodies with big feelings. And some children are just more sensitive to events that happen around them. This book talks to kids who feel big feelings and feel overwhelmed by them, gently guiding them to celebrate their feelings instead of stuffing them deep down. 

Today I Feel Silly by Jamie Lee Curtis

Whimsical illustrations, touching verses, ever-changing moods. Let your child explore them all in this engaging and exciting book. A light-hearted and heartwarming book, all in one. 

We hope this list has been helpful and guides you in introducing your child to emotions and feelings. Giving them the right skills to cope with big emotions can help children feel more confident and have better self-esteem.

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